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About Us


Nothing throughout our history happened by chance – Black Sea CBD has gotten its name not only because of the natural Black Sea coastline that guards Romania’s borders. The Black Sea also acts as a shield to keep the hemp crops protected from any unwanted cross pollination with any other Cannabis varieties traveling by air from the east of Europe and Asia.

Black Sea CBD is our tribute to the riches of Romanian soils and waters.

We are proud to present to you and share with you our complete system, from seed to shelf.


Black Sea CBD was conceived out of love for our ancestral tradition in hemp cultivation. History certifies that Romania has always been among the top 3 producers of hemp worldwide, holding a record of 50.000 hectares in the 1950s.

The locally cultivated Cannabis Sativa L., commonly known as hemp, is how it all started. Prohibition of cannabis has been obstructing production of hemp in Europe and the US, which gave our research institutes in Romania the chance to develop new strains and preserve local varieties. And make the best out of them. Our facility tracks from the seed to the cultivation, and the raw materials are processed within our EU GMP CBD manufacturing facility.

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100% vertically integrated in the hemp value chain. This means that we control all aspects of processing and production from seed to shelf. 

With rigorous procedures for Quality Assurance and compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) all throughout the cultivation, processing, production and bottling.


We are innovator in chromatography coupled with ultrasonic cavitation extraction.

Our GMP & HACCP certified production facilities and process coupled with GLP Laboratory for concentration and mixing of products allows safe and cost-effective hemp extraction at an industrial scale.

We use an extraction method called chromatography coupled with ultrasonic cavitation on the biomass, producing a CBD isolate, a crystalline form of 99.71 % pure Cannabidiol, which is the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.  

The end result contains, in the remaining 0.29%, a combination of other minor cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBGa, CBDv, CBN or CBC, being completely free of all other plant materials including the high-inducing cannabinoid, THC (0% THC).


The products we extract come from our Cannabis Sativa L. euGAP certified fields. Romania has a heritage of non GMO hemp strains with cannabinoid rich flowers that help us, at Black Sea Hemp Life, develop the best quality CBD oil, which we deliver to you, our end customer. 

Throughout the whole process, from genetics, cultivation, processing to end production, we adhere to the requisites of the and Ecological cultivation and euGMP processing standards.