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Selling Your Friends and Family on CBD

In a world filled with automation and franchise, small businesses are becoming obsolete. Even with the discovery of new products which could potentially evolve into big hits, how can you find a way to attract customers without compromising your company? The best answer for this, of course, is to bring in your loved ones in for support. Word-of-mouth can be one of the most effective methods when it comes to selling a hot new item. Especially if they are strong advocates for the merchandise anyway, sales can only improve.

White-Label and Cannabidiol Marketing

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the more controversial items on the market right now, due to being a derivative of the marijuana plant. 

Propaganda against hemp has been a part of our country for nearly a century. 

Despite studies that indicate how useful cannabis can be, and regardless of the fact that CBD oil is perfectly legal here, cannabidiol still hasn’t quite picked up a following. Because it is still a relatively new product, there haven’t been enough studies conducted to push the medical usefulness of cannabidiol. Many people love the cold, hard facts, and there just aren’t enough available yet.

With a little research of your own, however, it is easy to explain that CBD oil isn’t just about smoking or vaping a marijuana product. 

The concentrate has been proven beneficial not just to humans suffering from anxiety, but also our beloved pets who can’t seem to recover from strangers and thunderstorms. A few drops of CBD tincture into your dog’s food before a stressful situation can help him to feel calmer, while the same amount under your tongue before an hour-long commute can have a very similar effect on you.

Convincing Your Loved Ones That It Works

CBD isn’t just about internal consumption. There are plenty of external products available as well, including lotions, face masks, and even some makeup items. Regardless of how they might feel about ingesting marijuana, many plants are known to have impressive healing abilities. 

Many people are applying coconut oil to their skin, eating concentrated avocado oil in smoothies, and learning about what’s really hiding out in their canola. Considering that CBD oil is primarily composed of the perceived healing components of marijuana, and not the psychoactive properties, it stands to reason that something as basic as soap might not be nearly as dangerous as the media tries to make it out to be.

If you would like to learn more about the many products we offer and discover how you might find an item that can work for your business, check out our list available on our website. 

From gummies to Full-Spectrum oils, we are sure to have something that can help you to convince even the hardest sale that CBD is the way to go.