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How to Choose the Best CBD Distributor

As the CBD market increases in popularity, more retailers are partnering with CBD private label companies. 

By partnering with a CBD private label company, business owners can give customers what they want while keeping up with current trends.

However, not all CBD wholesale companies are created equal, and many substandard products filling the shelves that are not compliant with FDA requirements. How can you find the right CBD brand to partner with? The best CBD distributors excel in a few factors that no other company can. Below are the key areas you should look for.

High-Quality Product

From tinctures and soft gels to chewables and topicals, our pre-formulated, quality products are something you can stand behind. 

All of our products are made with higher-grade broad-spectrum CBD distillate oil which contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, THC, and terpenes. Plus, we use simple ingredients that are 100 percent organic, contain zero artificial preservatives, and are Oregon grown.  We can manufacture the same products with Full Spectrum distillate and CBD Isolate as well. 

All of the products at Hemp White Label Co. are finished products that are verified through independent, third party labs using HPLC analysis. All batches are tested for highest quality and potency; ensuring consistency and purity of terpenes.


The FDA will start regulating CBD products at some point in the near future and we can help you stay ahead of it.  We can help future-proof your product line so that it will be in compliance.  Did you know that the supplemental facts need to be formatted in a very specific way?  Did you know that the FDA statement needs to on a specific part of the label and specific font size? Our team of compliance officers and FDA legal specialists will guide you down the right path and ensure you stay out of the cross hairs of the FDA. 


Incredible Marketing Support

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or brand-new entrepreneur, strong marketing support from a white label company is essential. We have partnered with domestic banks to provide credit card processing for your website, we provide an in-house team of web developers and designers with CBD experience, and we offer packaging that makes your product line stand out from the rest. Our turnkey services include:

  • Logo Design
  • FDA Compliant Label and Brand Design
  • Shopify Website Design Building
  • Selling on Amazon and eBay
  • Sales and Distribution

Reasonable Prices and Products

As one of the largest wholesale providers of premium hemp derived CBD products, we know the importance of affordability and product variety. In many CBD products, you’ll notice the formulation strength is altered as a lower price is presented. At Hemp White Label USA, our formula strength for tinctures ranges between 250MG and 400MG based on product and some topicals and soft gels reach up to 3,000MG. We offer low minimums, starting at just 100 units per SKU, and there are never brokers are middlemen involved. Plus, we operate seven days a week, so your order ships 10-14 days after the packaging and label have been approved.

If you’re looking for a white label, private label, or customized label for your CBD product line, contact us online to request pricing. You can also browse our products, turnkey services, and learn more about our company.