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CBD For Cosmetics: Pickering Emulsion for CBD Stability within your Cosmetics Formulations

The use of a Pickering Emulsion is becoming more popular in Food and Cosmetics when using CBD. The CBD is usually not an isolate, but rather the combination of an Oil and CBD. The Oil and CBD is stabilized with chitosan/collagen peptides (Ch/Cp) nanoparticles as a green topical delivery of cannabinoids.

Why Green?

The findings published in December 2021 ( suggest that the Pickering emulsions stabilized with CH/CP nanoparticles provide an effective surfactant-free alternative for the topical delivery of CBD.

What does this mean for the absorption of CBD?

Typical CBD applications skin absorption studies showed that CBD was retained in high amounts in the stratum corneum, utilizing the Pickering emulsion and an ATR-FTIR examination, the CBD proved to overcame the stratum corneum.

Diagram 1.

 Pickering Emulsion CBD Cosmetics Surfact Free

The study was performed with Olive Oil as a base, however, we highly recommend a Hemp Seed Oil. The amount of oil used effects the stabilization and type of oil.

Can we formulate an Pickering emulsion to stabilize your cosmetics ingredient using CBD?

CBD Agrocasa SRL can formulate the emulsion of CBD for skin and food products in the EU GMP, HACCP, ISO manufacturing facility within bulk ingredient containers for use in your products. In addition, the products are organic certified, VEGAN, kosher sources of raw materials and processing.

How to order Pickering emulsion Chitosan/collagen CBD Emulsion?